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Prehistoric Avatar:

Doll Divine – Play Free Online Prehistoric Avatar Game

Prehistoric Avatar – All things considered, it would appear that they may begin a type of world history arrangement over at Rin’s. Or possibly, I trust so! Beginning toward the start, here is a remarkable diversion for making charming cavegirls! The spruce up diversion has a ton of fun with hairdos, stirring up various surfaces, and trims.

There’s even some cliche mountain man styles with the bones weaved in, haha. Dress your woman in a variety of worn out hides and calfskins and decorate her with bone gems and horns. At long last, put something base in her grasp, similar to a drumstick, club, or other crude instruments. I endeavored to make a proto human for the thumbnail pic, however there’s so much clashing data out there. Presently even the out-of-Africa hypothesis is being questioned, who can keep up? There are much more anime styled symbol creators at Rin’s site.