Intricate Rococo

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Intricate Rococo:

Doll Divine Play Free Game Intricate Rococo Game

Would you like to relive the frivolous life of Intricate Rococo? In this amazing game by Rinmaru and Pichi, you can craft your own, gorgeous rococo look. Start by choosing her make over and make up. You can select many skin tones, nose shapes and even mole placements. Select dainty eyebrows, lip shapes and lipstick colors. Complete the face with blush placement and eyeshadow. Create an intricate rocoo hairstyle by selecting a custom bang style, ringlet style and even adding optional curls to roll off of the shoulders. And here is where the real magic happens: you can create your very own gown, first by selecting a corset style and choosing its colors. Next you can select the trim of the edging of the rococo corset, as well as the lovely side bits that envelop it. Next, add a myriad of amazing and intricate skirts to complete your fancy gown. Choose both patterns and colors! But I do believe the piece de resistance are the gorgeous sleeves. The options are wildly inventive, incorporating lace and frills in the most inventive ways. You can then top your outfit with gloves, shoes, sashes and bows. Accessorize with gorgeous rococo jewelry and place umbrellas and fans in your queen’s hands. Finally, select a historical background worthy of your princess’ presence. Enjoy